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The 7th interregional workshops of the TITTAN project

On May 7-8, 2018, the Province of Lower Silesia was the place of hosting the 7th Interregional Workshops of the TITTAN Project related to the subject of “Technologies for Healthy Aging.” The main objective of the TITTAN Project is to exchange the best practices in healthcare, their analysis, comparison and possible implementation by the project-related regions of the European Union, i.e. Saxony, the City of Almere (the Netherlands), the Basque Country (Spain), Galicia (Spain), Lombardy (Italy), Lower Silesia (Poland) and Scotland (UK). The main theme of the 6th edition of the Workshops organized by the Polish partner was the 3rd Thematic Area – Active Citizens for Healthy Aging.

The meeting was inaugurated by the representative of the Marshall’s Office, Mr Jarosław Maroszek, Director of the Health Department. Mr Robert Adach, Deputy Director of the Health Department, Mr Janusz Wróbel, Head of the A. Falkiewicz Specialistic Hospital (the Project’s stakeholder), Mr Antonia Zwiefka, Project Coordinator, and invited guests: scientists, doctors, physical therapists, representatives of non-governmental organizations that carry out tasks for the seniors benefit in the field of health care and rehabilitation also participated in the meeting. On the first day of the Workshops, each of the regions of the TITTAN Project presented their seniors’ care plan and especially innovative good practices offered by the Project partners. The interregional exchange of experience is essential for raising the standards of treatment and care for patients throughout the European Union. Project partners presented good practices related to support of the aging process technology as well as the personalization of medical care.

The representatives of Lower Silesia showed how the condition of seniors can be treated locally. Ms Magdalena Filcek (Academia Leonardo da Vinci), a participant of the Workshops, presented the good practice of Vinci Power Nap and Academy programme as a part of parallel workshops. Various classes in which seniors participate, e.g. learning how to play guitar, piano and other musical instruments, as well as manual classes and exercises, contribute to fulfilling their dreams. Through such activities, the psyche condition of the patient is strengthened, which in practice translates into an improvement in health, and thus reduction of the number of visits to a doctor. Her product was also presented by the president of the Autumn People Foundation, Ms Urszula Kielar, who presented the NFC armbands for seniors. The aim of equipping seniors with a wristband (watch) is to care for their health through a quick response in the situation of a sudden fainting of the patient, especially suffering from e.g. diabetics, hypertension or heart diseases.

On May 8, 2018, which was the second day of the Workshops, the guests visited the Museum of Papermaking in Duszniki Zdrój (a place where paper-making workshops take place) and the Lądek Zdrój sanatorium in Lower Silesia. The historic, restored buildings maintained at the highest level made a huge impression on the conference participants. At the Resort of Lądek – Długopole S.A., Mr Zbigniew Piotrowicz, the President, together with Ms Aleksandra Sędziak, a Board Member, showed the rooms in which patients are subjected to all kinds of treatments and rehabilitation. Professional equipment – including the innovative equipment for rehabilitation – and professional staff guarantee the improvement of physical and mental health of patients and are the reason for the owners of the sanatorium to be proud.

During the stay in the historic sanatorium, several lectures took place. Among other things, good practice related to the transformation of the aging process, which is Radon’s therapy, was presented. This issue was also addressed by the lecture given by the representatives of the Medical Massage Clinic of Hospitaller Order of the Brothers of Saint John of God, who stressed the importance of balneotherapy for the proper functioning of the organism/body and its rejuvenating properties.

At the end of their stay in Poland, foreign guests continued their discussions during supper in the beautiful and historic Żelazno Palace.

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